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Matt Hill Projects - African Elephant, Elephant Sculptures, Steel Sculptures, Garden Art
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African Elephants

I have always been in awe of elephants. To me, they are the most majestic animals in all of Africa.

This pair of large-scale elephant sculptures, known as Ellie and Billy, were a huge challenge to create.

They also signified a major shift in artistic direction for me.

I had never taken on a project of such magnitude and this one would certainly push me to new limits.

I wanted to capture the beauty and allure of the elephant, an animal that has always fascinated me.

An elephant’s trunk is so intricate – used for breathing, smelling, drinking, producing sound and grasping objects. Therefore, I had to make sure the trunks were an integral part of the craftsmanship of my elephant sculptures.

Billy’s trunk is held high, a symbol of good fortune in some cultures, but also a vital link to his big sister.

Elephants share a sacred bond with their family members. They gather and migrate in groups and this is why I chose to create Ellie and Billy as a pair.

It was also important to capture the flow and movement of these gentle giants. I had to give the impression that my elephant sculptures are moving and breathing. This certainly proved a challenge given I was working with a hard material like corten steel.

The end result is a set of African elephant sculptures I am incredibly proud of. They would make a delightful addition to any large property’s garden art collection.

Ellie and Billy won the People’s Choice Award at the 2017 Melbourne International Flower & Garden Show and the People’s Choice Award at Art Red Hill 2016.

Other animals in my African Series include giraffe sculptures, hippo sculptures and rhino sculptures.


MATERIAL: Corten Steel

SIZE: 1:1 scale of African Elephant and baby

PRICE: POA. Please contact.