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Mornington Peninsula Outdoor Sculptures - Agave by Matt Hill Projects
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Art imitating life, or life imitating art?

Are you looking for unique Mornington Peninsula outdoor sculptures and garden art?

Do you live on the peninsula or near Melbourne and are in need of  artwork to enhance your property?

My award-winning corten steel sculptures will do just that.

Inspiring, astounding, unique and quirky, my works include life-sized African and Australian animal sculptures.

I’ve also got captivating spheres and cubes that light up at night.

You see, part of the fun of being an artist is that you get to create anything you want.

You take inspiration from many places, including daily life.

I have always been drawn to geometric shapes and am always looking for patterns in my concepts.

If I see something with a repetitious pattern, I can’t help myself – I just have to take on the challenge of making it.

I was initially drawn to the agave plant for its sharp points and symmetrical design.

Used frequently in modern landscaping and garden design, I wanted to create a steel version of this fashionable succulent plant.

By placing my agave sculpture among real agave plants, I hoped to inspire the viewer to consider and question the concepts of life, art, real and unreal.

This type of garden art looks marvellous against springtime blooms or will create a fun, tropical atmosphere for sultry summers spent in the backyard.

For more Mornington Peninsula outdoor sculptures and garden art, check out The Sheoak, Shadow Sphere, Rippon Sphere, The Cuban Cross and Cuban 3.


Matt Hill is an emerging Mornington Peninsula metal artist, whose signature geometric animal sculptures and illuminated spheres have won him numerous awards. Read more about Matt Hill here.


MATERIAL: Corten Steel

SIZE: Various

PRICE:  Various. Please contact