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Metal Animal Sculptures - Harry the Hippo by Matt Hill Projects
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Harry the Hippo

Harry the Hippo is a walking contradiction. While he may appear cute, cuddly and docile, the hippopotamus is actually one of the world’s deadliest animals.

Hippos kill close to 3000 people in Africa each year.

And despite being round, heavy and equipped with those short, stumpy legs, hippos can actually outrun humans.

They reach speeds of up to 30km per hour.

African animals intrigue me and I am in awe of their power, their movement, their characteristics and behaviours.

This is part of the reason why I shifted my artistic focus from steel spheres to metal animal sculptures.

I love discovering unique and fascinating facts about each animal I create and what it is that makes one species stand out from the rest.

For instance, it was once thought that hippos sweat blood, but scientists have since discovered the red fluid coating their skin is instead a natural antibacterial sunscreen.

I created Harry (and his herd) to draw attention to the size and power of the hippopotamus and its deceptive appearance.

These metal animal sculptures also aim to help people assimilate with this species.

While it is unlikely Harry will kill you, he will certainly make for pleasant company, bringing any outdoor or indoor space to life.

Adding a touch of African flair to your home, garden or business, these life-size metal animal sculptures will surprise and delight all who lay eyes on them.

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Matt Hill is an award-winning metal artist who creates unique, modern and inspiring outdoor and garden sculptures. He is based on the Mornington Peninsula, Victoria.


MATERIAL: Corten Steel

SIZE: 1:1 scale

PRICE: POA. Please contact