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Illuminated Indoor Sculpture - Paris by artist Matt Hill Projects
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Dreaming of Paris?

Bring the sophistication and glamour of the City of Light to your own home with this illuminated indoor sculpture.

Crafted from my appreciation of the one and only Eiffel Tower in Paris, this striking and elegant piece will create a romantic ambience in any location.

Reminiscent of dazzling French evenings where the ‘Tour Eiffel’ sparkles over the Seine, viewers can’t help but be mesmerised by this triangular tower of light.

Lit from below, this illuminated indoor sculpture looks amazing when you walk towards it, as the light appears to move through it.

With their sparkling aura and dramatic presence, the sculptures in my lighting series are nothing short of remarkable.

They encourage viewers to stop, gaze, imagine and even dream.

Interested in more of the Lighting Series? See the Shadow Sphere, Rippon Sphere, Butterfly SpherePalm Springs and Cuban Cross.


MATERIAL: Corten Steel

SIZE: 300 x 300 x 400mm

*Delivery and shipping extra.

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