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Decorative Metal Sculpture - The Peacock by Matt Hill Projects
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The Peacock

Like the male peacock expanding its feathers and putting on a show for the female, this sculpture commands attention.

This show-stopping decorative metal sculpture can be positioned inside your home or outdoors for a spectacularly theatrical effect.

The Peacock produces a mesmerisingly beautiful display of shadow and light in every direction for 360 degrees.

When internally lit from below, you will see what resembles the feathers of a peacock on walls, ceilings and floors surrounding this stunning sphere sculpture.

Made from 3mm corten steel, The Peacock is a showy sphere sculpture that displays sharp shadows on hard surfaces.

So are you seeking to spruce up your lounge room, bedroom or hallway?

Or perhaps generate a focal point for your yard or garden?

Then this corten steel home decor sculpture delivers.

The Peacock is an elegant, aesthetically pleasing and affordable decorative metal sculpture.

It can be moved around to create striking shadows in different areas of your property.

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MATERIAL: Corten Steel

SIZE: 300mm

*Delivery and shipping extra.