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The Sheoak - Garden Art in Melbourne by Matt Hill Projects
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The Sheoak

The sheoak is a prime example of my love of symmetry, repetition and perfect geometric patterns.

For contemporary garden art in Melbourne that features superb symmetry, look no further.

I love abstract sculpture and am always seeking repetition and patterns for my garden art ideas.

The sheoak is a prime example of my passion for geometric shapes and symmetry.

If I see something with a repetitious pattern, I have to take on the challenge of making it. I just can’t help myself.

Taking inspiration from my neighbour’s sheoak tree, I was able to explore this passion.

I would sit and stare at the pods, examining the cones and building the concept in my mind.

At the time, I didn’t realise how complex and challenging it would be.

This sculpture is made from 214 individual pieces. And, to be honest, the first draft didn’t quite work out and ended up at the local recycling centre.

Therefore, I was pleased when the concept successfully came together.

And I think the final product looks amazing with the rusted patina.

This challenging metal sculpture is definitely proof of my passion for geometric patterns. However, it is also testament to my refusal to give up on a project.

I am not happy unless I am constantly moving forward and progressing as an artist.

This is why my sculptures tend to get larger and more complex with time.

Although the sheoak pod is only small – roughly the size of an acorn – my initial sculpture is shown at 600mm high.

The Sheoak is a light-hearted, carefree design boasting fantastic shapes and shades.

It is garden art in Melbourne will keep you transfixed.

The Sheoak would provide a marvellous centrepiece against springtime blooms or create a fun, tropical atmosphere for sultry summers spent in the backyard.

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MATERIAL: Corten Steel


PRICE: POA. Please contact