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Metal Art on the Mornington Peninsula - Woven Cube by Matt Hill Projects
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Woven Cubes and Spheres

As an artist, my concepts are constantly evolving. The woven cube is one example of how my art changes form and becomes more challenging and complex over time.

I have always been known for my metal art on the Mornington Peninsula and it is therefore important for me to keep experimenting with form and style.

I started out creating 3D sculptures from 2D planes.

My first piece, Simple Sphere, won Best Small Sculpture at the Albert Park Exhibition in 2013.

After experimenting with creating geometric sculptures from flat planes, I wanted to create a woven pattern in a similar style.

Hence came the idea for the woven cube.

This complex, intertwining metal sculpture took my abstract spheres and cubes to a new level.

It actually led to one of my biggest and most challenging projects – a woven screen for a luxury hotel development in Japan.

When I showed this woven cube, with its unique concept, to the architect of Aya Niseko, he was blown away.

He loved it and wanted to use one side of the cube to form a panel.

This panel then became the feature of Aya Niseko and more than 220 square metres of it was used in this building.

The woven cube, which has since led to a woven sphere, was a groundbreaking design for me.

As a sculpture, it looks amazing in the daytime with its rusted finish.

It is contemporary, low-maintenance and stands out amongst garden greenery.

At night, however, it can become a different piece altogether.

With the addition of interior lighting, the woven cube creates a whole new ambience in your yard or garden.

The woven cube is just one example of how I am designing and fabricating unique metal art on the Mornington Peninsula.

This outdoor sculpture would sit well in an large garden or property and creates a stunning focal point or conversation piece to impress guests by day or night.


MATERIAL: Corten Steel

SPHERE: From 600mm
CUBE: From 450mm

SPHERE:  Starting from $3500 AUD + GST
CUBE: Starting from $1100 AUD + GST
*Delivery and shipping extra.