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Metal Garden Sculptures on the Mornington Peninsula - Matt Hill Projects
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Abstract Garden Sculptures

Are you looking to enhance your garden or create a focal point for your home or business? These abstract spheres and cubes will effortlessly transform any space.

When it comes to metal garden sculptures on the Mornington Peninsula, my spheres and cubes dazzle and delight.

Whether you are seeking a piece to generate conversation, create intrigue or mesmerise viewers, my metal garden sculptures do just that.

This collection of corten steel sculptures have won numerous awards.

They will enhance any backyard, garden or outdoor space.

Give your exterior – or interior – a facelift with these elegant, beautiful and contemporary designs.

Geometric shapes have always been an inspiration for me. I love their eye-catching symmetry and clean lines.

Therefore, I began my career as an artist experimenting with creating 3D sculptures from 2D planes.

My first project, Simple Sphere, won ‘Best Small Sculpture’ at the 2013 Albert Park Art Exhibition in Melbourne.

These days, I am best known for my signature life-sized geometric animals. Also, my abstract spheres and cubes that light up at night.

My Shadow Sphere is a sparkling show-stopper that will transform any outdoor area into a magical oasis.

Other metal sculptures in my lighting series include the Rippon Sphere, Butterfly Sphere, Light in Limbo, Cuban series and Palm Springs.

For more unique pieces, check out my Agave and Sheoak garden sculputres or my industrial designs, the Crumpled Paper Wall and Woven Privacy Screen.


• Matt Hill is an Australian metal artist whose works have been showcased around the country and internationally. His life-sized corten steel animals and abstract metal garden sculptures on the Mornington Peninsula have won numerous awards. Contact Matt Hill today to purchase any of his pieces or discuss your commission requests. 


MATERIAL: Corten Steel

SIZE: Various

PRICE: Various