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Metal Kangaroo Statue - Roadkill Roo by Matt Hill Projects
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Roadkill Roo

“What’s that Skip, did you get their rego!?”

Art is about pushing boundaries, sparking conversation and encouraging debate.

This metal kangaroo statue does all that and more.

For me as an artist, this work was always going to be a gamble.

After all, the kangaroo is an Aussie icon.

I put my reputation on the line to create a thought-provoking piece that I hoped would stop people in their tracks.

While this corten steel kangaroo sculpture has certainly been controversial, it is actually goes much deeper than roadkill.

This piece examines the fragile and complex relationship humans have with animals.

Think about the way Aussies treat kangaroos, our national emblem.

On the one hand, we see them as cute and endearing.

However, in parts of the country they are viewed as pests and culled.

At the end of the day, our instincts tell us to protect them – this is why many people refuse to eat them.

And yet, on the other hand, it means little when we hit them with our cars, something that unfortunately happens on a daily basis.

After doing the rounds on social media, it was interesting to read the different reactions people had to this metal kangaroo statue.

Some of the comments came from people who loved it:

I think it makes a powerful statement. Animals killed by vehicles is sadly a fact of life in a fast moving world.”

People who hated it:

I hate this.”

And then there were those who weren’t quite sure.

Like…but also dislike.”

To me, this is the best outcome I could have hoped for.

Love it or hate it, it gets people talking.

You can also check out my other corten steel kangaroo sculptures, the Lounging Roo, Standing Roo and Eating Roo.


MATERIAL: Corten Steel

SIZE: 1:1 scale

PRICE:  Starting from $8,000 AUD + GST
Delivery and install, Melbourne metropolitan area and Mornington Peninsula, $350.