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Butterfly Sphere - Glowing Garden Sculpture by Matt Hill Projects
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The Butterfly Sphere

I love playing around with lighting in my sculptures and seeing what captivating shadow patterns can be created on nearby lawns, courtyards and walls.

The Butterfly Sphere is a stylish and contemporary glowing garden sculpture.

It is a marvel to look at during the day or after dark.

An adaptation of my Shadow Sphere, this another example of how geometric shapes and patterns can create dazzling shadow play once night falls.

Internally lit from above, this piece creates the spectacular effect of butterfly wings on the ground.

This striking sphere sculpture works best when positioned in an open area.

Give it plenty of surrounding space to show off its amazing glow.

Beautiful by day and stunning at night, this unique garden artwork can create a magical outdoor oasis for you and your family.

Host ambient garden parties with this magnificent statement sculpture.

Other works in the Lighting Series include Shadow Sphere, Light in Limbo, The Cuban and Paris.

Any of these captivating pieces will come alive to take centre stage at nightfall.

With their sparkling aura and dramatic presence, these sculptures mesmerise and delight.

They urge passers-by to stop, imagine and even dream.


MATERIAL: Corten Steel

SIZE: 1200mm

PRICE: $3500 AUD + GST
*Delivery and shipping extra.