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Corten Steel Cube Sculptures - The Cuban 3 by Matt Hill Projects
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The Cuban 3

My abstract spheres and cubes have always been creative and unique, but with the addition of some interior lighting, they are dramatically transformed.

Evolving from The Cuban and Cuban Cross, the Cuban 3 is one of my striking corten steel cube sculptures, but takes this concept to a whole new level.

Sophisticated and subtle, my abstract cubes feature clean lines and mesmerising symmetry, therefore providing an excellent feature for your home or garden.

The Cuban 3 is the most intricate and complex of my cubes; a fascinating and mind-bending steel sculpture that will keep your eyes transfixed.

You see, while most cubes have six sides, this one only has three.

With its clean lines and symmetry, the Cuban 3 looks sensational as a daytime feature in your yard or garden.

You could also position it in a prominent place inside your home.

This geometric metal sculpture can also be internally lit, creating an entirely new aura once night falls.

It can also be created at various sizes, to suit your desired location.

Other works in my Lighting Series include Shadow Sphere, Light in Limbo, The Butterfly Sphere, Palm Springs and the Rippon Sphere.

With their beautiful rusted finish, these striking sphere and cube sculptures bring a touch of class to any garden, courtyard or indoor space.

Never to be outshone, these elegant metal sculptures command attention, intrigue and awe from all who lay eyes on them.

With their sparkling aura and dramatic presence, these spheres and cubes mesmerise and delight, urging passers-by to stop, imagine and even dream.



MATERIAL: Corten Steel

SIZE: 300mm

PRICE: $1150 AUD + GST
*Delivery and shipping extra.