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The Fire Pit - Outdoor Entertaining & Garden Decor by Matt Hill Projects
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The Fire Pit

The Fire Pit embodies everything I love about Australian summers – warm nights, surfing, being outdoors and time spent with family and friends.

A backyard fire pit is the centrepiece for social gatherings, bringing people together to share laughs, enjoy relaxed conversation and perhaps even see out a tough working day with a few refreshing beverages.

It is the ultimate in outdoor entertaining.

I wanted to capture all of this and more.

With so many backyard fire pits on the market, mine had to be a statement piece.

A dazzling showstopper that not only serves as a sophisticated daytime sculpture, but also transforms any garden into a serene oasis come nightfall.

Drawing on my passion for the ocean and my love of surfing, I came up with the wave.

Its curvature and hint of movement seems to defy the solidity of the metal, while its magnitude is both alluring and awe-inspiring.

The Fire Pit is bold, elegant and a conversation starter.

It offers a spectacular meeting place, giving your garden the edge to truly wow any guest.

Designed to be visually captivating, to generate warmth and to encourage stylish social gatherings that are hard to leave, this is garden decor at its finest.

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MATERIAL: Corten Steel


PRICE: $13,500 AUD + GST installed.
Melbourne metropolitan and Mornington Peninsula only. Please contact for more information.