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Matt Hill Projects - Woven Privacy Screen, Bold and Contemporary design
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Woven Privacy Screen

A privacy screen does not have to be boring. This unique and elaborate design will at once decorate and enhance your space. 

Like most of my creations, the Woven Privacy Screen evolved from another of my sculptures, a one-off woven screen I designed for a luxury hotel development in Japan.

Expanding on my original concept, I fanned the screen’s two outside blades on a 45-degree axis to create more privacy.

This provides a unique and beautiful conjoining circle effect when viewed from the front.

However, the rear of the privacy screen also has its own striking pattern, giving this elaborate work of art even greater appeal.

The Woven Privacy Screen is an intricate design and, to be honest, a complex assembly process. However, the end result is spectacular and well worth the effort.

While you can find many steel privacy screens on the market these days, this one takes the commonplace concept to a new, more sophisticated and elaborate level.

Dare to be different with this bold and contemporary design that will truly set your property apart from the rest.

Made from 1.6mm or 3mm corten steel, this piece can be used as a decorative fence, gate or privacy screen. It would suit any luxury home or high-end commercial installation.

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MATERIAL: Corten Steel


PRICE: POA. Please contact